The law firm
for you and
your family.


„The Attorneys-at-Law in Trigondorf are masters in applying the challenging repertoire of family and inheritance law to every phase of the circle of life. “


Best Swiss law firm 2018 and 2019 for matrimonial and family law according to Rating of „Bilanz“.


The law firm for you and your family

The law firm Trachsel Bortolani Partner has been accompanying, advising and representing clients in family transition situations since 1993, working with them to develop tailor-made and viable solutions for family and inheritance law issues.


Guiding Principles

In our experience, an approach that is based exclusively on quantitative "gains" or "losses" measurable in Swiss francs and rappen falls short of the ideal. In family and inheritance conflict systems, it is a matter of maintaining relationships and ties beyond the turning point of an extra-judicial dispute or legal proceedings and to re-establish them on another, new level. What is required is a holistic approach that encompasses all relevant aspects of personal, emotional, conflict-dynamic and financial nature.

We encourage our clients to take responsibility for their own actions in the knowledge of the facts and legal situation, because tailor-made solutions developed and supported by the parties are more sustainable than a ruling issued by a court.  

We support our clients within the framework of a classic client relationship, a joint consultation, mediation (whether as mediators or by submitting a second opinion) as well as with expert opinions on complex legal issues.


We are members of the International Academy of Family Lawyers, which enables us to provide you with comprehensive and competent cross-border support in international matters.


Core Competences

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