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lic. iur. Michael Bucher
Mediator SAV


Michael Bucher studied law at University of Zurich (lic.iur. 2009). After graduation, Michael Bucher was employed for 6 1/2 years at the Hinwil district court, initially as an intern and later as law clerk. Since 2011, he also started taking the chair of the Conciliation Board for Tenancy Matters of Hinwil. 

After being admitted to the bar in 2014, Michael Bucher was a member of the court’s management team as a deputy to the senior court clerk of Hinwil district court. In addition, he was employed as part-time alternate judge (2014-2016). In July 2016 he joined Trachsel Bortolani Partner. 

Michael Bucher’s preferred areas of practice include family and inheritance law.